Koi Ribbons

Koi ribbions5 by 7 watercolor on textured clay board. 40.00 plus s & hThis stuff (clay board) is great to paint on, you have to remember two things, the paint doesn’t sink in which causes it to sit on the surface and the second thing you need to remember is that the watercolor will not be fixed unless you spray it with a fixative. I use a universal artist grade fixative but I have been told by experts you can use Krylon fixative for arts and crafts which can be purchased in most hobby shops for about 75% less.   It comes in both mat and gloss.  If you use gloss I have found it doesn’t look like a traditional watercolor but is very attractive. If you choose Mat fixative the painting really doesn’t change in appearance This Koi looks like he is at the bottom of the pond playing in the ribbons of pond grass.


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