“Yellow Lab” watercolor 16″ by 20 ” Shanti Marie $100.00


Final Light… a landscape by Shanti Marie

Watercolor on paper 22 by 15$ 300.00 I love the blue color that I used in this painting.  I wonder the woods looking for inspiration and most of the time I find little  tiny tiny corners of the under brush which  is a microcosm in itself and I just have to make it BIGGER.  These flowers were really just thimble size but they were magnificent!

Woodland’s Light

woodland's light
15 by 22 $500.00 watercolor on paper.

I have been so busy I haven’t had the energy to paint these last few days. I have posted an older painting I painted earlier last year.
It was part of a series of paintings of woodlands. Specifically the ground cover and flora one finds growing on the ground under the tall trees and in the woods. Its amazing how many wild flowers grow in the woods where ever light peeks thru. This is hot press paper and it gives the piece a look which is a bit different from the cold press paper. The hot press paper doesn’t have any bumps or texture, you can’t really stroke the paint too much either. Yo have to put it down and leave it alone, other wise the paper seems to lose its vibrancy right away. Its a bit more difficult (you have to paint fast or think ahead) to soften edges as you go because the paint sinks right into the paper before you have a chance to go back and change things.