From the Series ” Wings ” Autumn birds in watercolor – 8″ by 10″ $75.00

Birds 2014

From the series “Wings”
“Autumn birds”


How to start an Art group – “Snowy Farm” 15″ by 22″ watercolor by Shanti Marie


If you are out there in your studio working on your art and feel a little alone, believe me you’re not alone. Artists everywhere like to work without distractions but even though we like to work alone. We often need a little support. It’s difficult to get an honest opinion from family and friends. They aren’t professional Artists and their opinions although nice are not always helpful. Every Artist can improve their work by joining an existing art group or creating an art group specially to fit their needs.
There are many benefits when you start your own group, you can attract other artists with similar interests and needs. It’s actually pretty easy to attract other artists, you can use on-line forums, or social networks like Facebook. Of course you can go old school with flyers at local colleges, neighborhood coffee shops, well just about anywhere Artists may congregate.

You should consider setting up some preliminary guidelines for your group. They might be helpful to make sure you create a group that will meet your needs. We’ve all joined groups only to find the group’s focus is not aligned with your own. You’ll want individuals who are interested in pursuing the same goals. Decide what these goals will be and place this information in your ad. Some other things to consider; How large of a membership? Often a small group of like-minded artists working in the same medium will work better than a large group with varied interests. Will you have membership fees? If so how will the fees be utilized? What type of Artists will make up the group? …Professional, amateur, or Sunday painters. What activities will the group sponsor? Will you have non-profit status & officers? Or just meet in each others home informally. After deciding these few things and a few more, the rest will be easy. You should be able to find other Artists who will support you and your work should improve.

LAKE WYLIE SPRING – watercolor on paper

This beautiful painting was inspired by the warm sunny days and cool nights we have had this week,  Lake Wylie is a beautiful lake any time of the year but I do love it even more in spring.  After the long winter months of brown, brown, and more brown, ( even the water in the lake turns muddy) the trees explode into the most vivid shades of green.  Of course with spects of magenta where the red buds peek thru and often the wisteria will lace the fringes of the tree tops with its lavender trail of color and who can forget the dog woods with their soft kiss of buttery yellow.  All of these trees give you that brightness and the shades of easter which always seems to complement all that luscious green.

Approximately 6.5 by 8.5 inches watercolor on paper.