December Sunset

9″ by 12″ $120.00 Watercolor on paper
Playing a bit with the snow scenes, I wanted to try to paint some reflective colors on the pond. This is on hot press paper, a mistake in my estimation, it would have been easier on cold press paper.

Sunset Mirage

Acrylic on archival mat board 8 by 10, $ 75.00 

 Its a beautiful day here in SC the kind you wait for all year.  Too bad I had to clean out my aquarium, house, pool and do books for most of the day.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to the lake and let the dogs swim.  It may be one of the last times this year for  the dogs to swim in the lake.  Once it gets cold  only one of my dogs will  even get into  the water.

 I planned a play date for them, isn’t it funny to actually have a play date for dogs?  Well if you want to get a lot of work done its best to wear them out.  It takes a lot to get themso tired they lay down for the rest of the day.  Its one way to get things done without having too many winey complaints.

Beautiful Earth 02

lake wylie sunset

“Lake Wylie Evening Song” is a watercolor on canvas panel 8″ by 10″ $75.00


I like these colors together and I find the sunsets here in South Carolina can be very intense. 

The lake is always beautiful but at sunset it can be magic.  These wonderful bright skies only lasts for brief moments and you dare not look away because the light and color is fleeting.


Water Saving Tip:  Don’t use running water to thaw out your  frozen foods

Velvet Meadows


watercolor on gessoed masonite 5.75 by 5.75 $40.00

This would look great in a thin black frame with a wide white mat. Or on an easel.

I need a good word smith to help me name these paintings. I called this “velvet meadows” because when wet, the textured gessoed masonite (especially on the green portion) reminded me of velvet.

Meditative Sunset

Meditative Sunset
5.75 by 5.75 watercolor on paper. $40.00

I squeezed this painting in between dinner and errands. I had only one hour so I had to really paint fast. I like sunsets and trees but sometimes I feel that everyone paints them and I should concentrate on other things….but if you think about it.. you can say that about anything.

The golden Hour

The golden hour

6 by 7 inches watercolor on 140 lb artist grade paper. $44.00 I was taught to paint snow by Zoltan Szabo and my snow paintings are not half as beautiful as his because in my estimation, he painted the most beautiful snow paintings ever.This little piece of paper was cut from my ten foot roll of paper when I was preparing my large 35″ by 35″ piece. Its an odd size but would look great in a square mat and frame. If you want it framed in a black frame ( 6 inches by 6 inches )with a white mat, I could do that for you for an additional $20.00 plus an additional $3.00 shipping and handling.