“Shanti’s Hummer ” watercolor on paper 9 ” by 12″ $95.00

I love painting humming birds so I decided to invent one.  This little painting is painted for those that long for spring in the middle of winter.



Oil painting repair

Here you can see the edge of this large Koi painting… if you look closely you may find there are two small holes… Ouch! yes this hurts.. The painting fell and when it fell I had just tightened the canvas so it was PERFECTLY TIGHT… and of course as with” Murphy’s Law” it fell down on two pointy bottles which punctured the canvas. I’ve made a repair by gluing a new piece of canvas onto the back side and will now paint the front so there isn’t an obvious rip.  Geeze…  What r ya gonna do?  The customer was notified of this mishap and I’m breathing a tiny sigh of relief as he still wants the painting and doesn’t think there wil be a problem with the painting once I’ve painted over the patch. Whew… still bugs me … I’ll get over it. Of course…  I need to secure these canvases even when I’m not painting them.   At the time I had just leaned it up and was stepping back to take a look at it to see if all the wrinkles were gone.   OK OK I get it…  live and learn.    Oh yeah thats my studio kitty,  “Chubbs”.

“Babies” In memory of Barbara Haukenberry

8 by 8   $50.00

Barbara  passed away yesterday, choosing to take her own life.  The pain was too much for her for a long time now and she wasn’t going to be able to live without the help of others.   Both of these things were unbearable for her and I can only say I’m happy that she isn’t suffering any more.    She used to say that for brief moments of each day, she could look at art allowing her mind to take her to a place where she didn’tfeel the pain or see her broken down body.   Art could elevate her to another plane, one where she was well again.   Remember that the next time some one says Art isn’t important.  It was very important to this person and she surrounded herself with art work.  

  She loved my koi and purchased at least twenty Koi paintings.  She and I would discuss the “correct” way to paint the eyes.  She only like round eyes and didn’t care for the humanized eyes so often painted.  She had her opinions and wasn’t afraid to let you know.  She told me that the tail of the Koi was the most impressive part of the Koi and I too often didn’t paint them, which was terrible.   

I tried… for her, to put in a few expressive tails but good composition can’t be compromised for content.    This little painting of Baby Koi was painted in her memory as she loved the “Koi babies”  I painted for her and last year she had a grandchild which seem to lift her spirits for a time.  She really thought that little boy was the greatest thing on earth. 

  Barbara, rest in peace , may you never feel pain again. and wherever your spirit lives, I hope it soars.