“Pleasant memories” 6 by 9 inches watercolor $50.00


Sunset Road


This is a 6″ by 6″ watercolor on gessoed wood panel. $40.00 plus 5.5 for shipping.
to paint watercolors on wood:
First you paint about three coasts of gesso onto the wood, allow it dry then you paint it with acrylic oils or watercolor. If you use watercolor you cannot use too much water as there isn’t as much absorbancey in the gesso as there is in paper. Finally you varnish it with watercolor fixative or acrylic varnish. It can be hung without glass.
This palette is one I was experimenting with, its a split complimentary more or less.

The Valley of the Hawk” an acrylic on canvas landscape painting

vally1 $100.00 11″ by 15 ” acrylic on canvas.

This landscape was painted this weekend. I kept adjusting the color combinations and feel now it is finished. At first I had a bit too much rust color in the grass. I love the color but it made the painting have too many focal points and appeared almost like fire. Also that grainy appearance isn’t on the painting, I’m not sure why shows up like that. If any of you have experience with this, let me know what I’m doing wrong.