Monet’s tribute #10

  Acrylic on  gallery wrap canvas $300.  This is another painting from the “Monet’s tribute” series…  This piece is a bit larger  than my other pieces in the series.  I also  used a different palette.  I like it, it has a bit of gold mixed into the paint which gives it a special glow.  This was painted with the new Golden Acrylics which look and work very much like oils.  These new  Open acrylics are great and if your considering trying them I encourage you to do so.   The process is very much the same as regular acrylics but there is a special medium which extends the already long drying time.  Also there is a thinner which you can use to actually remove the paint from the canvas.  The real key is to never use water.  Water only makes these acrylics look dull.  The mediums makes them glow.

Beautiful Earth 06

4 inches by 4 inches, watercolor on ampersand ( aquaboard) $45.00

This painting is similar to my tribute to Monet series I did last month and I’m sure I haven’t finished this series as it’s one of my favorite to paint.  Also: it fits the theme for the month of August… Water.

It difficult to emphasize the importance of water and more specifically clean water.  If we could all do our part by being more aware of how many things we deal with on a regular basis that can seriously damage the fragile Eco systems in and around our water ways.  Most of the time it all comes down to the correct disposal of all types of household cleaners and often used chemicals.  Fluids like motor oil, anti freeze or household paint really should not go down the gutter or drain, yet I see folks do this everyday.  Paint thinners, varnishes, and fuels are often thrown onto the ground rather than sent to special recycle centers .  People over spray insecticides in and around their home not thinking about how these chemicals hurt lizards, frogs or small mammals.   I watch folks spraying insecticides all around bird feeders and bird baths not thinking they are actually hurting the birds they are attracting and these insecticides eventually end up into the ground water.  Take an extra moment next time you have to use any of these items to please be aware of how they are used and where they may end up.  Of course, last but not least… make sure to dispose of them properly.


Water saving Tip… When it rains put out several pails ( in a safe place) to capture all the free water, use it to water plants.  Just don’t forget it because Sketters will be out to get you!

Koi pond


8 by 12 watercolor  $80.00

This is painted on gessoed masonite  & it has been sprayed with a fixative so it can be framed without glass.   I have spent a lot of time lately looking at ponds and I guess it was just a matter of time before I painted a pond.  With any good pond there has to be fish so I painted a few Koi to splash around.

I’ve had lots of fun painting the Monet series lately but I have to admit it…. one of the paintings didn’t quite turn out as well as I would have wanted.  Every one has a bad day at times and I’m not blaming my brother  BUT… I have told him numerous times “Don’t come over while I’m painting”  but  some folks including my relatives think painting for me is like eating…  They think it looks so easy and I paint so fast that I could do it in my sleep.  The think you can still paint well while having a conversation about something as insignificant or nutty as, say.. the problems of ebay or the election or even the compost heap.  You get the idea.   For me this is not true.

As an intuiative painter I have to be in my own space. but not wanting to be rude… I start in with the painting trying to get back to where I was before the compost heap became so important that he walked across the street to tell me about it.

 I’m standing at the easel looking down at my painting  trying to figure out where I was going next thinking it is almost done and as he talked and talked and talked, I kept mixing and mixing and mixing.  Now, anyone who paints knows this alone is a recipe for a major mud fest.  Even I knew when I was mixing it this can’t be good, but I kept trying, I painted and  mixed and painted and remixed, trying to make it work, while occasionally saying  ”  “right”  “Yeah?”  ” really ”  “Hm”.   The only color I was really getting of course was gray and no real values… so after he left, I took the painting outside to dry and this little painting must have had 1/2 inch of paint on it.  Three days later and I’m pretty sure it isn’t dry yet.  I should have scraped it off but I didn’t have the heart.



Monet’s tribute series “Blue” oil on masonite panel

monet  blue so blue

Oil  on masonite panel, 8 by 10″ $75.00

This is the Oil painting I did last night for the Monet series.   Its the first oil I have done in this series.

I decided to do it in blue. Maybe I’ll do one in lavender, I like blue and lavender together so we’ll see.