Ancient Ritual #133

8 by 10 oil on wood 75.00

This series seems to never end. I was planning to paint a red sunset over the lake. I’ve been doing a lot of blue water paintings and thought it would be nice to go to the red side of the color wheel.

After I got the yellow, red and gold on the panel one stroke led to another and all I could do was paint this painting. It took me about a minute to see the sunset wasn’t in the plans for the daily painting. If your new to this series it’s about customs and how we celebrate life’s events and the passing of time with rituals.


can you find the koi? 


Running river, Magic Falls

8 by 10 oil on panel 75.00

This oil painting is fresh off the easel and you can see the glare off of the oil surface.  I will have to take another picture of it tomorrow when its a bit dryer.