Meditative Sunset

Meditative Sunset
5.75 by 5.75 watercolor on paper. $40.00

I squeezed this painting in between dinner and errands. I had only one hour so I had to really paint fast. I like sunsets and trees but sometimes I feel that everyone paints them and I should concentrate on other things….but if you think about it.. you can say that about anything.

The Valley of the Hawk” an acrylic on canvas landscape painting

vally1 $100.00 11″ by 15 ” acrylic on canvas.

This landscape was painted this weekend. I kept adjusting the color combinations and feel now it is finished. At first I had a bit too much rust color in the grass. I love the color but it made the painting have too many focal points and appeared almost like fire. Also that grainy appearance isn’t on the painting, I’m not sure why shows up like that. If any of you have experience with this, let me know what I’m doing wrong.

“Misty Mountains” a landscape painting

Mistic Mt

This watercolor is 11 by 15 it sells for $200.00

It is watercolor on illustration board.

This painting is a triad painting, one yellow, one red, and one blue was placed on the paper with water and allowed to mingle. Where by the artists sees what is happening and decides what the painting wants to be. In this case I saw trees and cabins. Of course I’m sure I was influenced to paint this because I was in the mountains. I would venture to guess a lot of folks who think of triads think the colors have to be primaries but this isn’t the case. The yellow was Naples yellow, the blue was Andrew’s turquoise, and the red was actually burnt sienna. So you see the colors just have to be in the family of the three primaries to work.