All dogs go to heaven #40 4 by 6 watercolor in card format $20.00


All dogs go to Heaven # 35 6 inches by six inches

This little painting is painted in watercolor and would make you or a friend a great gift.

As a kid people would say to me that they took their dog out to the country to live on a farm where there was lots of room to run.  Maybe this was the farm. 

Lavender Skies over Leigh Anne’s Mountain

5 by 7 watercolor on paper. Landscape
This painting was painted with my Protege or in the past they would have called her my apprentice. I was demonstrating a few techniques, how to use a palette or pin knife in watercolor and the dreaded gradient wash. She gessoes boards and is helping me while I teach her the whats, where’s and hows of being a modern day Artist here in the Charlotte NC area. Soon she’ll tackle my data base so maybe you’ll be getting a note from me soon.