Lavender Skys

This little watercolor on paper, 3″ by 5″ card is a bit out of focus but it’s for sale for $15.00

I love these colors and like to use them together because the mixture is very rich.  The colors are Quin Gold and purple.    


I have painted a daily painting for two years and now I think I will paint less paintings but paint more complex things which will take more than one painting session.  So if you see less paintings in the future just know that I want you to keep checking in with me because I see some dramatic paintings in my future.  They may take me two days or even three but I’m hoping what I’ve learned from my daily painting experience will transcend to the longer painting sessions and allow me to grow as an artist.


Lake Wylie Memories, a water painting by Shanti Marie

lake paintings

8″ by 10″ oil on wood. $ 75.00

This is still a bit wet so you can see a little gloss of reflective light hitting the left side of the painting. This will dry back tomorrow and will look great.  I stayed up till 2 am last night getting things done and today had planned on painting my larger painting which is a work in progress …( but as life is always getting in the way of my painting, I was surprised by my husband Art who brought home an aquarium and 20 tiny tiny  tropical fish. I spend the afternoon setting it up.  Ithoughtly  enjoyedwatching the fish get aquinted in their new home.

I’ll photograph it for you tomorrw, the fish are kinda hiding at the moment.