Thres Koi

6 by 9 watercolor on gessoed WC paper  $50.0 

Its almost 11 pm and I’m just finishing my painting.  Boy what a weekend.   I hope your labor day was fun and you didn’t get too much sun.  I was busy as usual, and didn’t have too much time to myself.


Sleepy Koi

Watercolor on gessoed paper $45.00

This little guy looks tired to me so I decided he can be called “sleepy”. If you have fish you know some of them are always swimming fast and darting around then there are those that kinda hide under stuff and only come out when your not around.  This fish is just a little tired and  he is hanging out near the bottom of the pond.  

Pink Koi watercolor on masonite

Pretty Pink Koi

7 inches by 7.75  $45.00

I invented this Pink colored Koi but you never know, with the great breeding combinations coming out now.. there could be a pink Koi out there. There are so many varieties of Koi and since there are red,yellow,orange, & white Koi you have all the colors to make Pink or coral Koi. Now if nature (or a breeder)chooses to make a pink Koi it will happen.