“Humming birds and Morning Glorys” Oil on gallery wrap canvas 8″by 8″ $75.00

This painting is in oil on gallery wrap and still wet so it tends to reflect back into the camera, It looks better then this (really).   I guess I’ll have to wait till the paint dries and re post it.

I like painting birds and I love these small little hummers, especially when they visit my Heavenly Blue Morning Glories,

I have painted so many hummingbirds over the years. Now, I find myself painting them a little different each time.  I guess in hopes of giving them some individuality.

“Bold Lilly” Watercolor on gessoed masonite $50.00 USD 8″ by 8″ (inches)

What a great day! The sun was out it was like 65 degrees, Roo (my grandson) and I went out in the yard and played with the dogs, we sang, threw rocks basked in the winter warmth and ate Mickey Ds. I stayed up till three am last night so I painted a couple of small paintings, this is one of them.

I used to have lilies in my pond but my Koi are large now and they think I’m putting those beautiful flowers in there for them to munch. So now unless I protect them by cordoning off a corner they get devoured in about five minutes.  But I can still have them anytime I want, I just have to get out the paint brushes.  Isn’t it wonderful to have an imagination?

Sunflowers and lady bugs” watercolor 15 by 20 inch

The price on this piece is only… $200.00 a 15 by 20 inch archival watercolor ready to be shipped to your home.
shantmarie@aol.com for inquiries pay pal accepted
If i said I struggled with this painting it would be an understatement. It isn’t my genre and illustrative works can get the best of me. I don’t use line as often as some artists and I paint mostly using value and color. This can be tricky for me as this little fairy was a little animated and I liked that but I needed it to be fun and didn’t want it to be realistic… so I had to find a happy medium. Sorta realistic sorta animated.

Sorta? is that a word?

December Rose



8 by 10 watercolor on paper 75.00 5.5 s& H

I have painted a lot of roses but  I try to paint them all a little differently so it gives each rose a unique feel.

This background is white…  if this photo’s background looks anything but white thats because the light I used to light the painting for the photo was a warm light. If you would like to purchase this painting, I would be glad to take another photograph so you can see the difference.  cio!