“Little Redhead” Watercolor on paper 11 by 15 matted to 16 by 20 $ 50.00

This little redhead was a model for us at Spring Maid (Mrytle Beach).

I have cropped about 3 inches from the bottom and if you purchase this painting, her breasts are also in the shot.  Obviously they can be physically cropped if this isn’t desirable.

Stunning color with a good balance of both cool and warm colors.

Lake Wylie (Koi )Tea party

11 by 12  inches, watercolor on paper  $200.00

I love the pattern on the Koi at the bottom, I borrowed this pattern from Asian Tattoo artists who  sometimes draw or paint Koi in this manner.

I’ve been busy all week planting and cleaning up my yard.  I try to get as much done now while the good weather is here so I can avoid the heat of summer.  Don’t get me wrong I love summer, just not the humidity!

This morning on my walk I saw a pretty big hawk and later while gardening, I saw another, three black birds were chasing off  the one near my yard.  The other?  I assume he was hunting and I interrupted his attempt for a bunny or chipmunk.

looking ahead, I plan to paint the tree that I drew while at the lake last week, I’ll try to post it soon.

Gallery representation wanted

Seeking Additional Gallery Representation
I am currently seeking additional galleries to show my work for sale. If you are interested in having my work in your gallery, or can recommend a gallery that shows work of a similar genre or style, please write to me and tell me the name and phone number of the person to contact, and I will follow up on your referral immediately. All referrals are greatly appreciated.

shantmarie@aol.com   = e mail address
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