Equinox’s Morning Flight

11 by 15 inches watercolor,gouache, tissue paper, on illustration board.



Collage Journal #2


Not for sale but I would be happy to tell you how you could make your own.

This is the cover to a journal.
I made this today in preparation for a collage demo I’m giving on Tuesday. It has papers I created with tissue paper and acrylic paint. In the center there is a watercolor paper insert which I painted in WC but used a transfer from my sketch book. I also used wallpaper, around the edge I think they call it grass cloth plus various tapes and screens for texture.
If I cover it in UV varnish it should last many lifetimes.
Oh yeah… I forgot to mention…
I covered the whole thing in “Golden” Soft Gel Gloss.
The actual journal was a “composition book” you find in any drug store or school supply for $1.00. It has lined paper inside which is nice for notes, recipes, journaling and even some creative writing.

Collage/ Mixed media hand made paper and watercolor on paper


This is 4 inches by 4 inches $50.00 and it has a companion piece, which I’ll put up tomorrow. I made this paper by painting watereddown acrylic over art tissue paper, letting it dry and then putting it in the blender with water till it turns into a slurry. I tore it and painted it onto 100 % rag watercolor paper. Then stained it with watercolor and finally, I covered it with gloss medium for the shine.