Tips for Glazing over a layer of paint in Water Color

This painting is about ready to be glazed. See my next post to see the various ways I used glazes to change this painting.

Glazing is a very simple thing to do but one must always remember that the
First tip: paper has to be bone dry before a glaze is attempted. Often I wait 24 hours for my paper to dry but a blow dryer seems to work for most. If you are a beginner, I would also recommend that you….
Second tip: glaze over pigments (colors) which are more likely to stay put. example…. rather than glaze over cobalt blue try painting a color over pathlo blue. Cobalt blue is a great color when you need to pick up color…
( something to remember when you want some white or light in your blue sky) and because of this it has to be glazed over very gently.
Third tip : When Glazing over one pigment with another its good to use transparent pigments so the two will look like a stained glass window and what you will see is a third color created by the two… If you use thick paint with a lot of opacity the result will be less dynamic.
Fourth tip: don’t plan to brush over the first layer more than 2 times (later you may be able to but only with experience) … If your third color (the color you created by painting over the first with the second) isn’t dark enough try to paint over the first layer again after you have dried the paper again.
Fifth Glazing tip: Your brush should not be sopping wet with the second color and water…this very wet mixture may reactivate the first layer and you do not want to pick the first color. The brush needs to have enough paint to get the area painted with as few strokes as possible. After you have wet your brush, pick up your paint, then remember to lightly touch the base of your brush against dry towel (paper or cloth ) to remove any excess water.

When inspiration is low, rather then trying to paint a painting… try to learn more about your color palette by creating a Glaze test box.
A fun exercise for learning great combinations or what a glazed color will look like is to make up some small 3 by 5 cards you can keep in a recipe box with notes. You will find your favorites and will also be able to see which colors are easier to glaze or more difficult to glaze over. I used a large 1 1/2 inch flat brush and just painted (usually in one stroke) squares of color on each card, allowed them to dry, then painted over the squares with a second and often a third color.
Writing down the specific brand of paint used and the color combinations is important. I also put in a note for myself (I have no memory) as to which layer (or order) the colors were painted in.

Without the struggle it wouldn’t be worth it! Keep painting.
Shanti Marie

Santa in the off season


4 inches by 6 inches 30.0  watercolor on  paper.  


I was just practicing painting faces,&  as a warm up I painted this old gentleman.  Of course probably because its December I thought he looked like Santa. Tomorrow at open studio I plan to paint a fairy for a good on line buddy that was nice enough to give me her Watercolors. In fact… the deep blue paint that is in this painting is from her free gift.    Anyway, I wanted to check a few things… and after some thought, I’ve decided to paint the fairy much more “Loose” as we artists say… more like my Koi.

Under the influence

11 by 15 Watercolor  and Carendach on WC paper $130.0

Busy busy busy… its been hectic this week and now they say a Hurricane is on its way, I had the rain gutters cleaned out and I can’t think of anything else to do to prepare.  We are really very much in land  from the coast and usually all we get is rain so I think everything will be OK.    Last week with the last hurricane we got five inches of rain in about 15 hours… but everything went well and our condo didn’t flood.  Cross your fingers for me.

Lavender Skys

This little watercolor on paper, 3″ by 5″ card is a bit out of focus but it’s for sale for $15.00

I love these colors and like to use them together because the mixture is very rich.  The colors are Quin Gold and purple.    


I have painted a daily painting for two years and now I think I will paint less paintings but paint more complex things which will take more than one painting session.  So if you see less paintings in the future just know that I want you to keep checking in with me because I see some dramatic paintings in my future.  They may take me two days or even three but I’m hoping what I’ve learned from my daily painting experience will transcend to the longer painting sessions and allow me to grow as an artist.

Tall Tulip/ Big Tulip

this is a watercolor on paper  4 by 12 inches $25.00

Before I started this month’s theme I was working on a series of red tulips, you may look back and see   four I painted…. I don’t really have them out of my system so here are a couple of more tulips I painted this week

this is 7 by 7.5 watercolor onpaper


Also …a painting tip… the dark background in Tall Tulip.. is pathalo blue and indigo painted with a 1 inch flat brush  in a random cross hatching manner and sprayed with water before it had time to dry.