Tribute to Monet # 25

oil on canvas, mounted on archival Illustration board.

7 inches by 9.5 inches

A real bargain at only…

$30.00  plus $5.5 shipping.

I love to paint trees in various colors other than what you expect to see.

This small canvas is 6 inches by 18 inches and it would be perfect for one of those unique small areas that you have been trying to find just the right piece that will make it sing. The paint is thick and rich making this painting very


Tribute to Monet 24 by 30 inches Oil painting on canvas

Another water painting from my Tribute to Monet series.

This is a large painting I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. It has a little bit of texture and a wonderful sense of reflection. Walking my dogs in the morning I’ll walk down to the water and come out from under the thousands of trees which have been blocking my view and look up to see something like this. It usually takes my breath away.

$400.00 oil on canvas. The sides have been painted…. so, no need for a frame.