All dogs go to heaven #51 6 by 8 watercolor $40.00

The little sparkles in the sky are barely visible, I think the camera flash picked up the reflective value and accentuated the sparkle.

Rest in peace Missy Moo

Another of my beloved dogs has passed away and I’m posting this photo of her sunning herself on one of our lounge chairs.

I always said she carried a white dove on her chest because she was friendly to all… especially little kids.

All dogs go to heaven #43 11 by 13 inches Watercolor on handmade paper $80.00

This paper is a bit difficult to paint on using some of the standard techniques of resist or scrubbing.  Its beautiful paper with lots of character and very thick.   Once its wet it becomes blotter paper and can tear if not treated with a bit of respect.

I used some iridescent paint on this one.  This paint has a bit of a sparkle to it but usually it can be very discreet and only when light hits the paint a certain way does it reflect back.

All dogs go to heaven #17 farm days

A beautifully painted painting with my favorite buds…” Farm days” is just one of in my series “All dogs go to heaven”

This special painting is a watercolor on clayboard (ampersand), it has very slight or light texture and is a 5 by 7. It sells for only $50.00

I will spray it with a mat clear spray for protection and can be framed without glass. These small paintings make great gifts and are treasured by any dog lover.