From the Series ” Wings ” Autumn birds in watercolor – 8″ by 10″ $75.00

Birds 2014

From the series “Wings”
“Autumn birds”

“Humming birds and Morning Glorys” Oil on gallery wrap canvas 8″by 8″ $75.00

This painting is in oil on gallery wrap and still wet so it tends to reflect back into the camera, It looks better then this (really).   I guess I’ll have to wait till the paint dries and re post it.

I like painting birds and I love these small little hummers, especially when they visit my Heavenly Blue Morning Glories,

I have painted so many hummingbirds over the years. Now, I find myself painting them a little different each time.  I guess in hopes of giving them some individuality.

Amy’s Hummingbird

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration.
The Hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.

This little humming bird was inspired by my daughter, Amy. It has the look of her Tattoos. Its 6 by 6 inches painted in watercolor on paper. This little guy is a bit stylized and different from the many hummingbirds I’ve painted in the past. I hope you like it. Yo may use this image if you make sure to give me credit for the painting.

“Koi pals” 8 by 10 watercolor on Gessoed Masonite


I had a bit of a headache last night and even though I had plenty of paintings to post I forgot to post one.
This is one of the Koi I painted last week. Its painted on heavily textured Masonite and it gives the painting a nice effect which looks like moving water.
This morning I went down to the boat ramp with my dogs and the wind was really blowing, I gingerly stepped along the Rip Rap of rock along the water’s edge, trying not to fall into the lake. while the dogs sniffed the rocks I looked out over the water and saw a small sail boat with a brightly colored sail. I’m not much of a sailor but I do enjoy seeing the boats on the water because they have such a great profile.

Day at the beach

dogs at the beach 7 by 10 watercolor on watercolor paper $50.00

This is part of my dog series. I’ve been painting groups of dogs looking out at the skyline for a few months now. I guess you can say its a series. Some things aren’t planned but they can be a lot of fun. I’ve had a bit of fun painting these pups.

Probably its because I like dogs and I “know” their mannerism so its easy for me to see these dogs carrying on a conversation amongst themselves. I can only imagine what they would say. One line that always comes up is…. “do you think we ought to tell him he’s adopted?”

I know I have a sick sense of humor.

have a nice day…