Monet series, Fantasy Pond

Monet series

Acrylic on wood, 8 by 8″ $50.00  s & h $5.50 … for purchase information,   Pay pal, credit cards and checks accepted.

This is another painting from my blue Monet series.  I wanted to add a little lavender color to the blue and see how I liked it.   Lavender somehow makes me think more of a fantasy world.  These paintings are a bit soft and I didn’t allow too many hard lines and I think this makes it a bit more surreal.


I’ve been very busy with my other projects and I have really had to plan and stay up late or wake up early to get these daily painting completed. I will up date you on those project as they are completed.






Koi blu

koi blue
Acrylic on wood sealed with a spray fixative for UV protection.
6″ by 8″ by.3/4  45.00

This is the the finished painting I started earlier this week. Its painted in acrylic on wood. I didn’t gesso the wood but just gave it a light sanding. I painted the background and allowed it to dry, then I painted the fish. When the fish was dry I sprayed light green and blue from squirt bottles to set the fish back a bit. Last I used white ink and spattered and painted the white specks. I like it. It has a fantasy type look to it. I may give the underside of the Koi a glaze of blue but I’m not sure just yet. we’ll see.

Work in progress… opps this was posted on the wrong blog

This was supposed to go to my painting a week blog go there to see the rest of the project as I finish the painting

I’ve put the first day’s work (painting) up again because I didn’t realize I had put up a thumbnail. this should be easier to see.

This piece is on stretched ( WN) canvas. The canvas was coated with several goats of Acrylic gesso and allowed to dry. I actually painted the gesso on leaving it with a rough texture that is more or less going across the canvas as the water is. I think if you click on the picture it will enlarge. Perhaps you can see some of the texture. If you have never done this, it can be fun. You can use just about anything from a spatula, sponge, fingers, bristle brushes and drag these things thru the moist gesso to leave marks. Then allow it to dry.

Dreamy Koi


6″ by 6 on clayboard  go to  www.dailypainters.comfor pay pal information.

I was sitting in my car while I was waiting for my husband to pick up some dog food from the grocery store. While staring out the window of the car, I saw an old man walk slowly and rather gimpy into the store and for some reason he peaked my interest so I continue to watch him as he went inside. I could see him near the entrance and as easily as you or I pulling out a shopping cart he grabbed some stuff off of the shelves near the door and walked back out.  I was so shocked I just sat there and stared at him.  He sauntered back thru the parking lot walking back the way he came. I kept looking back at the store to see if anyone was coming after him, no one ever did. When my husband got in the car minutes later I told him everything I saw and he casually said lots of old people steal, it common knowledge. They just claim their can’t remember stuff and are confused, people feel sorry for them and let them go.

Under the falls

Under the falls
24 by 24 $400.00 Acrylic on panel

This painting is one that I started a few weeks ago and wanted to change the small fish on the upper left hand side of the painting. You can go to my painting a week blog to see it as it used to be.

It’s acrylic on masonite and is 24 by 24 ready to be framed. If you would like to buy this painting the price is $400.00 I’ll let it dry tonight and varnish it tomorrow.

I used my daily painting time this afternoon to get this piece finished.

I need to get it moved out of my painting area, it takes up too much space.