All dogs go to Heaven # 35 6 inches by six inches

This little painting is painted in watercolor and would make you or a friend a great gift.

As a kid people would say to me that they took their dog out to the country to live on a farm where there was lots of room to run.  Maybe this was the farm. 

“Pretty Eyes” Koi painting 8″ by 10″ on gessoed masonite $99.00

In several places  on this painting…the paint is thick and it has a tendency to reflect back to the camera lens. You will see this reflection mostly on the reddish orange fish.  In person it does look like this it looks like the thinner paint.

I love painting these Koi just a bit animated or you might say with personality…  Koi speak volumes while looking back at me while I peer down at them thru the water.  It’s amazing how many actually do look up at me.