From the “Geisha” series —- SC Kabuki

Watercolor and Charcoal on yupo paper 9X12 inches $ 125.00
Geisha are enthusiastic Kabuki fans and their relationship with Kabuki goes back several hundred years. The earliest mention of Geisha is that of entertainer and before Geshia became entertainment for the wealthy they were part of traveling entertainers who set up along ditch banks.  They would perform dances and sing with various other entertainers including men who would dance, sing and performs plays usually from local legends. In doing so the women and men exchanged roles as needed.   As time past, things changed and the roles of the Geisha and role of the men performers became specialized and the men then became known as the Kabuki.

Kabuki and Geisha are enshrined as symbols of Japenese Tradition.

They were the Celebrities of their time and often love affairs between the Kabuki and the Geisha would be the hot stuff of popular gossip and scandal magazines.


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