Painting surfaces for watercolor

The first example is 300 lb watercolor paper. You can see by the first and the second photo that this paper is rather thick. Most folks frame watercolor on paper under glass to protect the painting and the paper.

This example is watercolor on wood panel, the wood is painted in gesso and the finished painting is varnished or sprayed with a fixative.

Here the watercolor is applied to gessoed masonite ( ampersand and clay board are brand names) this looks a lot like the wood panel but the masonite is much thinner. Folks usually frame this type of painting without glass since they are varnished.

This example is a gallery wrap canvas, the sides are painted so that the painting does not need a frame.

These are just a few of the supports used for watercolor and I’ll post others as I complete the paintings.
Illustration board, rice paper, bristol, cloth, and many other supports are used but the most common is watercolor paper.


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