recent work in my studio

Here you can see the three paintings I have been working on. I just finished this “Tribute to Monet” piece. The tribute to Monet series has about 15 paintings so far and I’m not sure when I’ll decide this series is complete. I’ve explored this water theme for a while and combined with my Koi paintings, you’ll see that water is in many of my paintings. Simply put, I find water fascinating.
Of course with my Geisha series I have painted about 5 or 6 paintings so far and I would say at the very least, I’m having a difficult time finding my way thru these paintings. I have another few hours to work on the “Geisha Red” piece which is the white face and lips and I probably have less than a day’s worth of actual painting on the large wave and Geisha piece. I can’t figure out where I’m going with this series and I don’t know why I even care… I’ve painted hundreds of Koi and taken them in every direction but for some reason I feel a need for a road map with the Geisha series. I have yet to decide the actual name for this painting. I guess I’ll sleep on it.


2 thoughts on “recent work in my studio

    • Thanks John, as I mentioned in my post I’m struggling with this series not to say I’m dissatisfied with the finished painting its just that these paintings are slow to evolve.
      Thanks for your kind comments!

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