Lake Wylie (Koi )Tea party

11 by 12  inches, watercolor on paper  $200.00

I love the pattern on the Koi at the bottom, I borrowed this pattern from Asian Tattoo artists who  sometimes draw or paint Koi in this manner.

I’ve been busy all week planting and cleaning up my yard.  I try to get as much done now while the good weather is here so I can avoid the heat of summer.  Don’t get me wrong I love summer, just not the humidity!

This morning on my walk I saw a pretty big hawk and later while gardening, I saw another, three black birds were chasing off  the one near my yard.  The other?  I assume he was hunting and I interrupted his attempt for a bunny or chipmunk.

looking ahead, I plan to paint the tree that I drew while at the lake last week, I’ll try to post it soon.

LAKE WYLIE SPRING – watercolor on paper

This beautiful painting was inspired by the warm sunny days and cool nights we have had this week,  Lake Wylie is a beautiful lake any time of the year but I do love it even more in spring.  After the long winter months of brown, brown, and more brown, ( even the water in the lake turns muddy) the trees explode into the most vivid shades of green.  Of course with spects of magenta where the red buds peek thru and often the wisteria will lace the fringes of the tree tops with its lavender trail of color and who can forget the dog woods with their soft kiss of buttery yellow.  All of these trees give you that brightness and the shades of easter which always seems to complement all that luscious green.

Approximately 6.5 by 8.5 inches watercolor on paper.