Psychedelic Mushroom, watercolor on paper


OK OK so it isn’t spelled right, I couldn’t figure out how to spell it! Agghhh I hate that.. anyway.. this is a small 5 inch by 5 inch mushroom painting I did while at Wild Acres last month and forgot to post it. I finally got time to take a photo of this small gem and get it up loaded.

Its 40.00 and it could be in your home in only a few days.. go to and buy it!

Tribute to Monet # 11

monet 11 Another beautiful small 6 by 8 inch painting. It’s part of my series ” tribute to Monet” these paintings are all water paintings and they have all been very different. Some are very realistic, many are impressionistic and this one is leaning towards abstraction. Ya never know what I’ll paint, so plan to come back and see what’s up for tomorrow. $75.00 oil on canvas.