Metamorphosis ( a Koi into a Dragon)

Koi dragon when thinking about the legend of Koi and how they will be transformed into a powerful dragon if they can swim upstream and leap over the powerful falls, I envision the little koi spinning and spinning faster and faster, till little by little the fish scales turn into armor dragon scales and the little barbell whiskers turn into fire flame throwing tentacles. What once was will never be again.
This wonderful painting is 15 by 22 watercolor on very nice watercolor paper $400.00 The koi on the right can be seen a little better in person, the glare of the plastic bag ( i use for storage) is making difficult to see.


4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis ( a Koi into a Dragon)

  1. This is very beautiful. I think the colors are great. I think that you really got your vision of the metamorphosis across well.
    One question though, why didn’t you take it out of the plastic to take the picture?

    • This painting wasn’t going to be posted on this blog… it was being sent to a gallery for framing and after I had it sealed and in the bag and ready to go I changed my mind and switched this painting for another.

      With Art everything has to be archival to protect from the elements like dust and whatever. Some paintings sit in my flat files for years, so its important to keep the paintings sealed… these bags can be expensive.

      After the bags are sealed I hate to rip them open because they can’t always be sealed back… long story short, I just took the photo thru the bag.

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