Amy’s Hummingbird

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration.
The Hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.

This little humming bird was inspired by my daughter, Amy. It has the look of her Tattoos. Its 6 by 6 inches painted in watercolor on paper. This little guy is a bit stylized and different from the many hummingbirds I’ve painted in the past. I hope you like it. Yo may use this image if you make sure to give me credit for the painting.

Chinese Crested Puppy


This is the latest puppy in the family, not mine but my daughter’s.. Its 12 weeks old and its a sandy colored palomino Chinese Creasted, It is hairless and lots of fun! I’m babysitting him for the evening and had to take a picture. With these little dogs, ( 2 pounds) you love them or hate them. I must say, his sweet disposition and happy go lucky spirit makes its difficult for anyone to not love Romeo.

You should see him play with my 90 lb lab puppy Sugar!

Metamorphosis ( a Koi into a Dragon)

Koi dragon when thinking about the legend of Koi and how they will be transformed into a powerful dragon if they can swim upstream and leap over the powerful falls, I envision the little koi spinning and spinning faster and faster, till little by little the fish scales turn into armor dragon scales and the little barbell whiskers turn into fire flame throwing tentacles. What once was will never be again.
This wonderful painting is 15 by 22 watercolor on very nice watercolor paper $400.00 The koi on the right can be seen a little better in person, the glare of the plastic bag ( i use for storage) is making difficult to see.

Baby Snapping Turtle finds his way to my pond


Here is a photo of just one of the four baby turtles I have living in my water garden, I plan to take them down to the creek at the wild life preserve ( in North Carolina) when it gets a bit cooler.

They are very shy and usually hang out in the mud at the bottom of the water garden but he is pretty small so I can still pick him up.

Magic Days

This painting is 11 by 15 ” painted in traditional Watercolor on really great 300 lb hand made Watercolor paper. Its for sale for $200. 00 I love trees and this painting became all about this tree. I sometimes look at trees and think “these trees were here before me and will be here after I’m gone”. Its amazing how long they live.