Some interesting and not so interesting facts about me

I have never been able to decide what is my favorite color
Overwhelmingly fascinated with the universe
Love to read/study
Dogs make me smile
I frequently laugh out loud while watching TV
A subtle breeze against my skin will stop me in my tracks
I have a 1000 Gallon Koi pond tucked into my small condo patio.
I tend to over volunteer
I want to travel but seldom go anywhere
Sushi, avocado, chocolate, coffee with crème, bar b que chicken and toffee are some of my favorite foods.
I love boxes any kind or shape and if they have a lock or latch…even better, wood, glass, metal, paper, I’m fascinated with things that hold or hide things.
I overfeed everything that lives with me.
I seldom cuss
I frequently listen to short stories on my ipod, I love being read to.
I’m a bit of a geek, I love all new electronic gadgets.
I have four computers.
I often lose sleep to paint.
I love cooking shows
I watch project runway
Artistic Tattoos catch my eye, I always wonder how people can decide what to get .
I used to be addicted to running, now I only run to the fridge.
I walk thru the woods with my four labs 3 times a week, it calms me.
I like baths, showers always hit me in the face.



3 thoughts on “Some interesting and not so interesting facts about me

  1. You’re hilarious…and sweet. I laughed out loud when you said you “used to run but now run to the fridge,” and “showers hit you in the face.

    I like to watch home decor shows thinking that one day I’ll actually do something with my place—-will never happen.

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