Butterfly Morn

Butterfly morn

Its been a crazy week, as usual working late at night. Some nights spent drinking coffee or workng in my diet pepsi/diet mountain dew haze,  I find I’m too tired to take a shower and I just fall into bed with all of my clothes on. The next day, I awake with dogs whining and begging to go out , one  pup that looks like Marley is licking my toes which are usually sticking out of the blankets.   So of course here I go out doors with the clothes I slept in, you just know the neighbors think I’m nuts now.  Actually if walking around in rumpled clothed didn’t do it maybe that fouth lab I rescued definately sealed the deal.

I’m rushing to meet deadlines for several shows and a commission .   Fall s a big time of the year for artists. I’m  trying to do too many things as usual and only doing about half.  I’m patient but not enough, because it buggs me that the oil paintings take so long to dry.  

The paintings I finished last week are still wet,   I may need to cut back on some of the mediums, its humid here and that doesn’t help.  I hope next week goes a bit better. 

 This painting is on paper painted in watercolor and the size is 6 by 8 the price is 75.00 USD


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