Floral Skies

this 8 by ten on masonite is for sale for 50.00. plus 5.50 s& H.
I can’t really explain this piece but sometimes thats how it goes.. you start painting without really knowing where a painting will end up or why you have painted it. I like it even though it wasn’t planned out.

Some interesting and not so interesting facts about me

I have never been able to decide what is my favorite color
Overwhelmingly fascinated with the universe
Love to read/study
Dogs make me smile
I frequently laugh out loud while watching TV
A subtle breeze against my skin will stop me in my tracks
I have a 1000 Gallon Koi pond tucked into my small condo patio.
I tend to over volunteer
I want to travel but seldom go anywhere
Sushi, avocado, chocolate, coffee with crème, bar b que chicken and toffee are some of my favorite foods.
I love boxes any kind or shape and if they have a lock or latch…even better, wood, glass, metal, paper, I’m fascinated with things that hold or hide things.
I overfeed everything that lives with me.
I seldom cuss
I frequently listen to short stories on my ipod, I love being read to.
I’m a bit of a geek, I love all new electronic gadgets.
I have four computers.
I often lose sleep to paint.
I love cooking shows
I watch project runway
Artistic Tattoos catch my eye, I always wonder how people can decide what to get .
I used to be addicted to running, now I only run to the fridge.
I walk thru the woods with my four labs 3 times a week, it calms me.
I like baths, showers always hit me in the face.


a second space to paint

I’m painting in watercolor these days and also in oil…. so I had to set up a small easel in my upstairs bedroom. You can see G man my funny guy giraffe. This is just the first pass and I will tone down the bright blue background. This painting is from my animals with attitude series. I painted it in Watercolor and I decided ….I’ll do this one also in oil.gman

The butterfly above is watercolor and gold leaf… I need to get that painting finished… also a large Koi painting in oil is hanging there and needs to be re-stretched and finished.

In Memory of Cecilia Price ..not for sale on DP

pretty-peony-cecilia-price This small watercolor painting was painted by my good online friend Cecilia price.  What a wonderful  artist and person she was. She passed away saturday evening and she will be missed by her friends, students and  of course her family.

If you would like to see some of her free lessons she has a website and a blog a you tube site, and she even wrote a book.  Take a minute to google her and see her complete profile.

Watercolor Painting by Cecilia Price! Pretty Peony Clip from the future DVD, “Pretty Peony”

here is a great lesson from my friend Cecilia Price, she passed away this weekend and I would like everyone to take a look at her wonderful art.
She made these videos herself without a lot of help but gave them to the world free, she was very giving and loved to teach.

Butterfly Morn

Butterfly morn

Its been a crazy week, as usual working late at night. Some nights spent drinking coffee or workng in my diet pepsi/diet mountain dew haze,  I find I’m too tired to take a shower and I just fall into bed with all of my clothes on. The next day, I awake with dogs whining and begging to go out , one  pup that looks like Marley is licking my toes which are usually sticking out of the blankets.   So of course here I go out doors with the clothes I slept in, you just know the neighbors think I’m nuts now.  Actually if walking around in rumpled clothed didn’t do it maybe that fouth lab I rescued definately sealed the deal.

I’m rushing to meet deadlines for several shows and a commission .   Fall s a big time of the year for artists. I’m  trying to do too many things as usual and only doing about half.  I’m patient but not enough, because it buggs me that the oil paintings take so long to dry.  

The paintings I finished last week are still wet,   I may need to cut back on some of the mediums, its humid here and that doesn’t help.  I hope next week goes a bit better. 

 This painting is on paper painted in watercolor and the size is 6 by 8 the price is 75.00 USD