Hot summer days in my studio

I thought I would take a photo of my studio since its half way cleaned up… I’m working on my geisha series. Doing my research of course and that includes hiring models to wear the kimono and make up for my reference photos. I’ve purchase 2 kimono and a obi, also you can also see the Geisha wig on top of the book shelf. Another thing I’m working on is Yupo paper…
Since we (me and 14 other artists…(please sign up now, I need more people) are going to Wild Acres in September and the class instructor will be teaching figures on yupo, I thought I would show Leagh Anne ( my apprentice) how the stuff works. Check it out, its September 25, 26, and 27th. The Charlotte Art league is the sponsor. ( ). I’ve just finished the dog painting “bad hair day” its in front… its 18 by 24 Gallery wrap.
Then I have a larger painting, A koi painting from the Koi series, its on top of the flat fine, It needs some more glazing and it will be completed… its an Oil painting.

On my small table easel is the yupo painting, its far from being finished but it is what it is, a painting in the early stages.
Then the top photo is the view at mid day of my Koi pond out the large sliding glass window…

I’ll post the paintings when I finish them, thanks for stopping by and take a look at the Art league’s site.


One thought on “Hot summer days in my studio

  1. I forgot to ask if you also had Lisa Dalbys book “Kimono: Fashioning History”, that is the one with the color plates of Heien era 12 layered kimono. They had different color layer combinations for every season of the year- and they had far more seasons than we do, apparently, and multiple layered color effects for them. I can’t find my copy or I could scan the pages for you if you would like. The book is out of print but available on Amazon ( of course). There is alos this website which has very nice pictures of the Heian period layered look. Although I love my modern kimono, I like the flowing beauty of the old 16th century styles even more. I keep imagining stylistic paintings of just those layered sleeves, perhaps of one seasons colors fading into the next…why does my muse always strike when I have 6 projects due in the next 4 weeks!!! I know, write down the ideas in my art sketch book and look at them later, right?

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