Geisha model


I’m gearing up for my geisha series, Here are two photos, I plan to do several geisha paintings, who knows maybe it will be my next big series. At wild Acres we plan to use the theme Memoirs of a geisha for a stepping off point for our art work that say.


One thought on “Geisha model

  1. Since you are in the resarch phase, have you seen Liza Dalbys book “Geisha” yet? Painstakingly researched and full of photos and color plates, I think it would be a great source for you. Liza is the only westerner to ever become an actual geisha. The book contains the color patterns of the ancient heian layered kimonos, many with specific names and worn only at certain times of the year. It also has the modern kimono plus how to wear them.
    Another book that might be helpful is John Marshal’s book “Make your own Japanese clothes.”
    Finally, I have a large book called Kabuki Today; The Art and Tradition” , introduction by Donald Keene, text by Iwao Kamimura, photos by Shunji Ohkura, iabm 4-7700-2135-6, distributed in the USA by Kodansha International ltd in NYC.
    I am not much of a kimono fan (note tongue in cheek) seeing as my husband and I only own 8 between us…
    Oh and I have some GREAT koi on black patterned fabric to make another one some day!
    Hope this helps! If I head south this fall to visit mom and the siblings I will try and remember to pack the Dalby and Kabuki books for you to see- hand that they live in or near Lake Wylie!

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