Tribute to Monet series #60 “dark places”


8 by 10 oil on masonite , varnished and ready for shipping.  The blues are very beautiful and the yellow seems to offset all the blue in just the right way.  75.00 plus s& H


3 thoughts on “Tribute to Monet series #60 “dark places”

  1. The contrast of colours in this is gorgeous, and work really well with the velvety water/shardy-shapes. What are those plants, exactly? Nice choice of subject, anyway! 🙂

    (Wandered in here looking for Monets I could use for wallpapers.)

    • This painting is only from my imagination so there isn’t a name for anything here except… perhaps a form from “nature”. Nature is my inspiration and I probably process everything I see and later when I paint my I or perhaps my brain picks from a repertoire of objects I’ve seen and comes out with it very own.

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