Gallery representation wanted

Seeking Additional Gallery Representation
I am currently seeking additional galleries to show my work for sale. If you are interested in having my work in your gallery, or can recommend a gallery that shows work of a similar genre or style, please write to me and tell me the name and phone number of the person to contact, and I will follow up on your referral immediately. All referrals are greatly appreciated.   = e mail address
winter's dream



22 by 30

this  is a watercolor on Yupo  paper 22 by 28

A fun piece, a little washed out by the flash but I think you can get the idea.

200.00 plus shipping

So often I think that women are frequently like cats, I love cats but they are so independent and I like being needed.

Bad hair day ( revisited)

Bad hair day in oil

This is a painting from my series ” animals with attitude”  18 by 24 oil on canvas.

$500.00 plus 10.00 shipping plus… gallery wrap painting (painted all around the edges so you don’t have to have a frame) this would make a great gift for that Chinese crested dog lover!  Of course I could paint your  very own pup!   email me for commission details.

I have also painted this in watercolor which is quite nice too of course it’s a little less expensive.

Hot summer days in my studio

I thought I would take a photo of my studio since its half way cleaned up… I’m working on my geisha series. Doing my research of course and that includes hiring models to wear the kimono and make up for my reference photos. I’ve purchase 2 kimono and a obi, also you can also see the Geisha wig on top of the book shelf. Another thing I’m working on is Yupo paper…
Since we (me and 14 other artists…(please sign up now, I need more people) are going to Wild Acres in September and the class instructor will be teaching figures on yupo, I thought I would show Leagh Anne ( my apprentice) how the stuff works. Check it out, its September 25, 26, and 27th. The Charlotte Art league is the sponsor. ( ). I’ve just finished the dog painting “bad hair day” its in front… its 18 by 24 Gallery wrap.
Then I have a larger painting, A koi painting from the Koi series, its on top of the flat fine, It needs some more glazing and it will be completed… its an Oil painting.

On my small table easel is the yupo painting, its far from being finished but it is what it is, a painting in the early stages.
Then the top photo is the view at mid day of my Koi pond out the large sliding glass window…

I’ll post the paintings when I finish them, thanks for stopping by and take a look at the Art league’s site.

Chinese foot binding.. What Women went through for acceptance

Its hard to believe anyone thought this was attractive but most likely our idea of beauty…that  being a women who is ultra thin and our compulsive dieting would seem ugly and odd by the standards of a hundred years ago.
In my research for geisha I found these photos and they are photos of a chinese women not Japanese but some how they came up under geisha.  I just finished reading a book about China and foot binding and in this story they bound the child’s feet at 6 years old.  They had to break the toes and to do this, each day they would  bind and rebind the child’s feet …. tightening the bandages, then require the child to walk back and forth until all the toes were neatly tucked under the foot. Some mother’s had a difficult time keeping the bandages on or tightening them enough and the child’s feet did not get bound correctly and they were basically left crippled by the ordeal. Apparently even when done correctly the person cannot walk long distances without discomfort.  This practice was outlawed by the government in 1958 but apparently in some rural areas it was not reported.  The book is called

” Snow Flower and the secret fan”     Lisa See is the writer.

Now I’m reading “geisha” by Liza Dalby I’ll let you know how it goes…..

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Tribute to Monet series “Dark waters ll”

dark waters ll monet

This 8 by 10 (inch) oil painting on wood is for sale for $95.00. I love the mix of colors and the dark colors next to the lighter & brighter colors. Its part of my “Tribute to Monet” series and I find this method of painting complicated and yet simple. these paintings tend to be very heavily pigmented and usually take at least a week to dry because of the amount of paint used to achieve this look. Its done with palette knives and a special little tool I made, which looks like a spatula. the surface seems rich. I enjoy painting in this style but cannot decide how it will work with anything other than water.

Cooking and Movies…. Julie, Julia

I went to see Julie Julia today and enjoyed it. I laughed frequently and cried more than once. It was a touching story of two women and their relationship with food and the men in their lives. I knew I would like it even before I saw the movie because even though I’m not a foodie, I love to watch people cook. I watch the food channel while cleaning house or doing paper work. I also liked the Sat. night live parody of Julia Child’s cooking show. She was quirky and so “real”.100_1499