Work in progress….blue Koi

Blue Koi not for sale … yet

This painting isn’t finished but its a work in progress, & with a few more days of painting I’ll have it finished of course I will be sure to post it. As you can see, I’m calling it “Blue Koi” but since it isn’t finished yet I may change the name. I usually wait till the painting is complete before I name it but its difficult because you have to call them something. Otherwise you can’t talk to your family or friends about your paintings. Its sort of funny cause you can’t just say the Koi painting, I’ve painted 100’s of koi paintings. I’m working on my reference for my Geisha series while I paint these Koi paintings. I hope to have a show of some of the koi paintings during the fall. Its difficult to accumulate many large paintings as only the most expensive don’t sell quickly & usually all of the paintings are fairly reasonable in price so I have to hold some back to actually have enough for a show.

blue koi1


5 thoughts on “Work in progress….blue Koi

  1. Please add me to your email list when you schedule a show in the fall. I am interested particularly in your koi painting(s).

  2. I will work on some of the eyes of the Koi and some of the shapes. Its not like I think they have to be realistic, but since I spend a lot of time looking at koi, I like to see the eyes correctly placed.

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