Pink Roses for you


1/4 sheet of watercolor 11″ by 15″ not for sale…. This painting will be saved in my files for future classes.

This painting is the finished product of one of my lessons. If you’ve been following on my other blog you will see I took a photo of a rose. Next I drew the rose and transfered it using transfer paper to watercolor paper. I started out painting a light value of yellow and then painted one glaze of pink at a time, waiting in between each layerof paint to dry before painting the next layer I painted Quin. pink and magenta and sometimes light light primary rose. building up the layers. Then I painted the background a light value of sap green, cyan blue, quin pink, purple and perelene green. I painted most of the leaves negatively and layered the background with the same colors until the background was a deep value while allowing some light areas to survive. Of course after painting the dark background, the rose looked a bit light so I had to darken several areas of the rose so that it worked with the foreground.


2 thoughts on “Pink Roses for you

  1. I can’t seem to get anything like you describe at that address for wordpress, I think it wants me to start a new blog page or something. Is the link working? There are no photos there, just a welcome to wordpress type message.

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