Bumble Bee Sunflower

Watercolor on paper (300 lb paper).
8 by 10
this painting was a sunflower painting I prepared for a lesson, I painted it as a demo for my watercolor class.

If interested in painting this painting, I ‘ll put up the instructions soon.


4 thoughts on “Bumble Bee Sunflower

  1. this is really beautiful- wc- your strength of all the mediums- i think it is the really high contrast that makes it different for me!

  2. Could I possibly use this photo of your watercolor, in the children’s book I wrote for my niece? If I want to self publish it, I am pretty sure I need permissions for the artwork ๐Ÿ™‚ And since it is the right thing to do, I want to add a ‘thank you’ to the acknowledgement page. Your picture is currently on page 4 of 38. If you buy a copy of the book, I’ll sign it and give you a proper thank you. It is full of puns. For instance, the idea for making my niece’s character a bee came from her name being Abbey. A-bee.

    Don’t judge me.


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