Amy’s Red Rose

This is a watercolor on 300 lb paper. 5 by 7 95.00

I was working with my apprentice, Leigh Anne today and we started a small painting of a pink rose. After she left, I decided to paint this red rose. I wanted to try a few unusual color combinations, magenta and manganese blue, and also after that glaze had dried a warm glaze of Quin red … I use these colors often but never mixed. At first the rose looked more burgundy and was very pretty but I still wanted to see the color change and how this red would look over the other cooler color. So I painted the quin red over the burgandy and I liked it. I painted three more glazes and when it started to dull down a bit, I decided to leave it alone.
I’ve got a few commissions this week so this is the reason your not seeing as many paintings on my blog as usual. I also have to develop some lessons plans for the web site, art by example. When I upload a new lesson, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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