Lavender Skies over Leigh Anne’s Mountain

5 by 7 watercolor on paper. Landscape
This painting was painted with my Protege or in the past they would have called her my apprentice. I was demonstrating a few techniques, how to use a palette or pin knife in watercolor and the dreaded gradient wash. She gessoes boards and is helping me while I teach her the whats, where’s and hows of being a modern day Artist here in the Charlotte NC area. Soon she’ll tackle my data base so maybe you’ll be getting a note from me soon.


2 thoughts on “Lavender Skies over Leigh Anne’s Mountain

  1. I really like your paintings especially the ones that look very realistic. I am attending middle school as a student and I am taking a Art class and i was wondering if i were able to use pictures of your paintings and photo montage and then mod podge them on a project i am currently working on. We are basicly sand stools down to raw wood and then design them for what we call our “Chair Affair” where our specially designed chairs are up for bid and the money goes toward i school if i am correct. Our teacher says that every chair always gets sold although we can bid on the ones that we have made it’s kind of a hassle since we’ve already bought supplies to design these wonderfully made stools. Although i like your paintings i cant afford to buy them so i wanted to ask you if you were to have been able to allow me to use some of your pictures of your painting or if you are able to send me some. It is best if you are able to reply to me as soon as possible because this project wont stay for long. Thank You for your time.

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