Feb Koi ACEO Mixed media on gessoed masonite ( wood)











2.5 by 3.5 ACEO on gessoed masonite. varnished in matte varnish with uvl .  $15.00 plus 2.5 for postage

I love working with gessoed masonite.  I have the option of painting in watercolor, pastels, oil or acrylics. its a great surface.  I make these myself. I have them cut by my handyman who will cut up a dozen at a time.  I also ask him to cut some 8 by 10 sizes because that seems to be the most popular size for daily paintings

Collage Journal #2


Not for sale but I would be happy to tell you how you could make your own.

This is the cover to a journal.
I made this today in preparation for a collage demo I’m giving on Tuesday. It has papers I created with tissue paper and acrylic paint. In the center there is a watercolor paper insert which I painted in WC but used a transfer from my sketch book. I also used wallpaper, around the edge I think they call it grass cloth plus various tapes and screens for texture.
If I cover it in UV varnish it should last many lifetimes.
Oh yeah… I forgot to mention…
I covered the whole thing in “Golden” Soft Gel Gloss.
The actual journal was a “composition book” you find in any drug store or school supply for $1.00. It has lined paper inside which is nice for notes, recipes, journaling and even some creative writing.


Watercolor on paper 95.00 7.5 by 7.5

I’ve really enjoyed the lake this winter. Today the ducks were acting as if it were spring and they made funny duck noises as they floated, almost drifted by us ( us as in Me and the Labs)

ACEO Moon boy


This little 3 .5 by 2.5 card is painted in watercolor on paper. Its a collectable card and its only $15.00 plus 1.5 postage in USA.

I wish it was in focus, I will try to get a better photo tomorrow. These little paintings can be a great way to work on your design skills. They are so small you learn to fill the space without putting too many things in the painting. You think about shapes a bit more and it seems to help you if like me, you tend to put lots of stuff in every square inch of your canvas or paper.

All dogs go to heaven # 12

5 by 7 $75.00
This watercolor on paper is a part of my series called ” all dogs go to heaven”. I love the three dogs depicted here because the little one reminds me of a Chi wa wa and the one in the middle reminds me of my fat Australian Shepard, (same ears) and last…. The one the end sits like my lab, she has really long legs and they kinda bow outward when she sits back.

Valentine Koi


8 by 10 inch acrylic on canvas panel  $95.00


The Daily painter’s group is doing a valentine theme this week so I thought I would put up a Koi valentine, something I have thought of many times   but didn’t do because it is a bit too much to fit into a regular composition.  Since I was under a deadline, I had to put this painting up quickly, but now I’ll go back and put in a bit more value on the underside.



Watercolor on 300 lb paper $100.00  8 by 10 inches
Rembrandt is one of my Koi,& as most of you know, I name my fish after famous artists.

In a letter to Huyghens, Rembrandt offered the only surviving explanation of what he sought to achieve through his art: the greatest and most natural movement.” Whether this refers to objectives, material or otherwise is open to interpretation; either way, Rembrandt seamlessly melded the earthly and spiritual as has no other painter in Western art.

One of my favorite paintings of Rembrandt’s “The Mill”