Oil painting repair

Here you can see the edge of this large Koi painting… if you look closely you may find there are two small holes… Ouch! yes this hurts.. The painting fell and when it fell I had just tightened the canvas so it was PERFECTLY TIGHT… and of course as with” Murphy’s Law” it fell down on two pointy bottles which punctured the canvas. I’ve made a repair by gluing a new piece of canvas onto the back side and will now paint the front so there isn’t an obvious rip.  Geeze…  What r ya gonna do?  The customer was notified of this mishap and I’m breathing a tiny sigh of relief as he still wants the painting and doesn’t think there wil be a problem with the painting once I’ve painted over the patch. Whew… still bugs me … I’ll get over it. Of course…  I need to secure these canvases even when I’m not painting them.   At the time I had just leaned it up and was stepping back to take a look at it to see if all the wrinkles were gone.   OK OK I get it…  live and learn.    Oh yeah thats my studio kitty,  “Chubbs”.


7 thoughts on “Oil painting repair

  1. Can not really see the holes in this photo, but I sure as hell know how you must have been feeling. As a fellow contemporary artist I too had similar mishaps in the past. It is soul destroying when it happens. Thankfully you had a very understanding client. Also great of you to explain how “fixed” the problem. Wish you all the best for your artistic future and may the mishaps not occur too often, lol.

  2. I was delivering a finished large diptych to the client!!!! and somehow it must have gotten hung up on something — there is a tear in the canvas and I am wanting to repair it. I can paint over it – it is in a perfect spot on the canvas for that. But I am wondering what kind of glue you found best to use for permanent repair. Since the rip is at a 90 degree angle, I just hope it doesn’t do anything to the tension in the canvas at this spot, but the tear are under an inch in both directions….help?! I can’t imagine how this happened but things can happen – and they mostly DO~ thanks for any tips..

  3. I came across this page while following up J. Salminen’s fantastic paintings!

    One of my paintings developed a rather conspicuous hole! I used Plaster bandage to fill it in from the back (without much overhang), then smoothed the damaged top surface with a gel medium and painted over it. It worked very well without any glue!

    It such along time since amy’s calamity, but for next time……

  4. I fix pictures that have been donated to a charity. One has a small indentation in the canvas where something punched the canvas. There is no tear. Is there a way to fix the canvas that is slightly marred like this?

  5. I have been faced with the same problem and am wondering what is the best glue? Did you find that the Mediums were stong enough? what about epoxy”s or iron on”s?
    Love your painting by the way, I have a large koi pond at home that I love.
    Regards and in trouble

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