Koi, Koi, Koi


Koi, Koi, Koi

Oil on canvas panel 8 by 10  $95.00


I painted this from an idea I had for another painting which was to be an abstract…   I like dividing the space almost equally but  think in my abstract painting, I’ll use three different colors.  Not only different but not all from the same side  of the color wheel… I’ll try to have a greyed color from the opposite side,  maybe the piece will have a bit more of a resolution.


traditional watercolor on paper 11 by 15 $200.00

I’ve been working on my web site….. so… if any of you have been trying to access it…. it is down for now. I’ll try to have it back up ….say this weekend.

Spring Thaw


8 by 10 $100.00 Watercolor on 300 lb paper.

I wanted to paint something with a little bit of an asian feel today because I’ve been looking for plants to put around my pond. I picked out several Japanese maples, a blue spruce and a couple of other trees. I can’t remember their names right now but their evergreens and they are manicured like Bonsai.


“The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

Patience is a 11 by 14 watercolor on paper.. but its not for sale.. This is a painting of one of my labs, SAM. He didn’t actually pose for me I just used his image stored in my memory to come up with this piece. Also, I’ve carried around the memory of this door for such a long time. Now… I’ve put them together for some emotional impact. Dogs can tug at your heart strings can’t they?

lilly pad 8


This Watercolor is 4 by 4, (inches ) A watercolor on gessoboard & is for sale for $30.00 Plus S& H.
I painted this in the deductive manner. That means: I painted it and before it dried I used a wet brush to pulled out the objects from the still damp paint. Then, I allowed it to dry and later filled in the objects with another light glaze of paint. In this case the lighter color of yellow green.

Oil painting repair

Here you can see the edge of this large Koi painting… if you look closely you may find there are two small holes… Ouch! yes this hurts.. The painting fell and when it fell I had just tightened the canvas so it was PERFECTLY TIGHT… and of course as with” Murphy’s Law” it fell down on two pointy bottles which punctured the canvas. I’ve made a repair by gluing a new piece of canvas onto the back side and will now paint the front so there isn’t an obvious rip.  Geeze…  What r ya gonna do?  The customer was notified of this mishap and I’m breathing a tiny sigh of relief as he still wants the painting and doesn’t think there wil be a problem with the painting once I’ve painted over the patch. Whew… still bugs me … I’ll get over it. Of course…  I need to secure these canvases even when I’m not painting them.   At the time I had just leaned it up and was stepping back to take a look at it to see if all the wrinkles were gone.   OK OK I get it…  live and learn.    Oh yeah thats my studio kitty,  “Chubbs”.

Self Portrait #6 “Woman on the run… “


Not for sale. 

 This is a good start to the new year,  painting a self portrait.

  We all feel like we’re racing around to get everything done,  continually multi -tasking in every way….

 Life should be about those special moments… not about who gets the most tasks completed in a day.  When your ninety and your sitting on the porch…  I’m pretty sure  you will not be saying,  “I wish I would have cleaned more, worked harder or been more productive”.  I do think you will be saying, ” I wish I would have kissed more babies, played with a puppy or painted something when ever I had the chance.


Happy New Year!