Working on my larger painting WIP


This is an oil painting which I have shown before… I’m still working on it.   As many artists know sometimes its about 80% thinking 20 % painting.    This  painting may look  familiar as I painted this in watercolor.  I have revisited this theme after a few weeks away from it.  Well not really away, I see it constantly since it sits in my painting space and is 48 by 48.   The two paintings ( watercolor and Oil) will not be the same but similar.   I find I like the idea of trying out the concept in both mediums.    I’ve been getting ready for the holidays and like everyone else, I have to wrap presents, clean house cook food and basically get ready for company.  This really cuts into the painting time but its only once a year.  I may go out and get a small Christmas tree today.  It all  depends on the price, I hate to spend too much since Christmas is only five days away.  Perhaps after the Holiday rush I’ll get it completed.  It needs to be re stretched …. it has lost some of its spring, I want to put it on a deeper support anyway.  I don’t plan to frame this painting and will sell it as a warp around.

Wild koi


ACEO (wood) Mixed Media $25.00  

It was almost 70 ( F)  degrees here ( SC, USA) today, kinda odd for December.

December Snow


Watercolor on paper  $100.0 7.25 by 9 inches. I’ve been trying out some different palettes for snow.     This one is painted with  Burnt sienna, Manganese blue, antwerp blue, raw sienna, cobalt lavender, ultramarine blue.  You could also use Sepia instead of ultramarine blue and  and burnt sienna.  You could skip the cobalt lavender as not much is used…   The raw sienna is barely used also..   I had more  raw sienna in the background and it looked very good but I ended up glazing over it because I decided not to place as much emphasis  in the back.