A change of seasons


15 by 22 watercolor on professional 300 lb hand made paper.  $200.0

It was a beautiful day today, warm breeze, leaves fluttering down gently to the ground and sunshine.   I’m certain its one of the last of the warm fall days of 2008.   I took the opportunity to get my pansies planted and the cedar chips spread out in the flower beds.   I pulled out the last of the summer vegetable plants and in their place planted roses.  I bought a beautiful red rose called “Veteran’s Honor” and I can’t wait till next year to see it bloom.  Now…  I’ll look for a yellow rose or maybe a white rose and I think the rose garden will be complete. I saw a white tea rose named after a pope ( pope john?) so I may buy it.  If it isn’t too late.  Here in the south things get cold almost overnight but in the last few years the winters have been very mild.     This painting is very much like  the seasons now.  The last few bits of summer still linger, a flower tries to bloom while the days get shorter and the leaves start to curl up.  I ‘m very happy to see winter arrive, I like to enjoy the long nights and paint or read or maybe even sleep.  Everyone needs a slow time and Winter for me is that time.


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