Lake Wylie Spring



6 by 9 watercolor on paper 40.00 plus s& h 5.5

This painting was created as a teaching tool for beginning students who want to learn how to correct problem areas in a watercolor painting.   To do this demo, I painted it in very light colors without the full range of values.  The painting didn’t have a clear directional light source and there were no shadows. I corrected this by painting shadows on the lower portion of the rocks and on the ground.  The pine trees and the leaves were originally painted with a number two brush using very small strokes (very much as a student would have painted them.) they were all the same value and the pine trees were pretty much painted like perfect little Christmas trees, all the same size and color.  I added some different strokes and put some up higher, some lower and some in a different color and value, just to mix it up a bit.  The background was painted in the same values as the foreground and the colors originally used did not help the mountains recede.  I changed them to cooler blues and lavenders colors and eliminated several tangents the hills made with the tree limbs. The birch trees were  originally pure white so I gave them a bit of color and also painted the strokes in a circular manner along the trunks rather then up and down as many novice painters tend to do.  I also deepened the color on one of the trees just to give the grouping a bit more interest and depth.  I painted shadows ( mostly at the foreground entrance of the painting) mostly across the road which was basically all the same value and in several places in the tree leaves so they would not looks so flat.   I wish I would have had a before and after photo but I didn’t take one.   I think it turned out rather well and advise students not to think watercolor paintings can’t be fixed.  You may have to make some adjustments to the original idea or concepts, but if your willing to experiment, you may even like it better!


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