Winter ice, fall leaves


watercolor on paper 6 by 9 60.0 5.5 s & h 


 The icy wind was really blowing today, as we ( the dogs and I) walked around the lake this morning, I had to put my chin down into my vest while we faced the wind.   Maybe if I would have worn a coat I would have been OK but I thought a down vest and hat would be good enough.  Needless to say it didn’t take me long when I got home…. I pulled out all of my winter clothes and started washing them, I guess you can say Its definitely winter.

I’ve been sick…


I’ve posted a photo of some leaves I gathered last week.  Its supposed to rain tonight so I guess they will all come down.  I have the flu or something like that and have been sick the last few days.  I’ll try to paint something tonight if I feel up to it.  Painting can make me feel better.