Jewels “sold” watercolor on 300 lb paper

A few more finishing touches and this commissioned painting will be ready to send to it happy owner.  

This is a family of Koi… The two larger fish are the parents, the white is the female and the black is the male.  The little Koi are their offspring which are always protected by the parents.  

This piece is 22 by 22 on 300 lb artist grade Arches pure white paper.


If you would like me to paint a koi painting for you, just send me an Email,  and we can discuss it!

King Fisher sitting on fisherman’s stand

I see these little guys sitting on tree limbs which are growing over the shoreline of Lake Wylie.   The roots of the tree are grasping the earth like they will never let go while the branches lean way over, but one day that limb will  surely be in the water. The King fisher of course will be onto another limb or sitting on a dock looking into the water. 

 They really make a lot of noise when they call out.  It sounds like laughing or chattering.  I stand under the trees and watch them fly, often only a foot or so above the water and once in a while I’m surprised with a sudden dive and out again with a small fish still wiggling in their mouth as they take to the air.

Final Light… a landscape by Shanti Marie

Watercolor on paper 22 by 15$ 300.00 I love the blue color that I used in this painting.  I wonder the woods looking for inspiration and most of the time I find little  tiny tiny corners of the under brush which  is a microcosm in itself and I just have to make it BIGGER.  These flowers were really just thimble size but they were magnificent!

Koi Trio sold

This 8 by 10 acrylic on gessoed masonite is $75.00 and can be framed like an oil painting.  This painting was done in the glazing method.  After the first layer of paint is painted, it is allowed to dry and then the areas which need to be pushed back are painted in a thin layer of blue paint. This glaze gives the water a cohesive appearance. It also darkens the lighter  areas and gives the blue a bit of a value adjustment.

Lake Wylie Fall

15 by 22 watercolor on paper. $400.0  One good thing happened today… My husband got a hair cut.   Yeah! Geez… when he started to grow his hair long, I went with it assuming he would get tired of it but he didn’t, then I worried about his work and if he could have long hair…  Then I just told him I wasn’t really into it, & maybe when he retires he can become grizly adams and grow his beard and his hair.  He said OK.

Dark Days 8 by 10 75.00 Acrylic on gessoed masonite

Its been a rough week, My friend’s brother pass away, I got sick (really sick) with some kind of intestinal thing, I found out when getting my teeth cleaned, that I need a tooth pulled, I’m on antibiotics for ten days, my cat is ticked off, A raccoon keeps coming by each night waking up the whole house, another friend ( this makes like 4) just got laid off, my platties just had their 100th baby, and last but not least, my husband wants to grow his hair long…. Huh?