Koi Friends, A tribute to the Earth

8 by 8 75.00 watercolor on gessoed Masonite. 

  I use my aquarium water to water my plants because it’s great fertilizer and my plants thrive.  Koi are a great example of living within an eco system and being able to be a part of  the system without ruining it.    They live in the water and yes they dirty the water but as long as all the other things, plants, air, other fish are all in balance they will be able to contribute to the environment rather than take away from it.  If only we could do the same.

One of my fish gave birth to about 30 little babies ( platties) and just the other day she did it again.  Wow so many babies…. I need to find someone who wants to raise these little guys.  At the very least, I’m going to have to separate the parents.  Things always get fatter around me.  My husband was a tall thin guy when I met him, My dogs were all strays and you could see every bone, now the vets says they could lose a few pounds.    Two months ago I bought 10 little feeder goldfish for 12 cents each… now they are about 4 inches long…   I didn’t think they would grow so big!  They are so big they have outgrown the tank.  I considered buying another aquarium but I can’t see spending $50.00 for $1.20 worth of fish.  Thank goodness,  I did find someone who wants them.  Lets hope they show up to take them home.  People tell me to throw them in the lake and I can’t do that, not only would they be food for a Heron, you should never introduce a fish to a lake, they don’t belong and if they survive, it could hurt the delicate balance that exists.


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