Beautiful Earth 12, Misty Waters Post#763

Wet into wet painting of the lake and the hills with Mist.   8 by l0

watercolor on paper


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Earth 12, Misty Waters Post#763

  1. i just randomly came across this website and i love the idea of a painting a day…i have in the past year and a half been learning the art of watercolor painting..never before have i picked up a paint brush…only to my surprise have i learned that this passion of mine has been lying dormant since i was very almost feels criminal to be so interested in something other than my responsibilities…so often i feel the need to go away somewhere distant so that i may have quiet time just to feel and study all that is around me …i am teaching myself with the help of the internet…maybe some day i will send one of my pictures of the day…i hope..anyway i have really enjoyed veiwing this website …i love looking at some of the paintings..thanks…

  2. i forgot..beautiful earth 12..”misty waters”…one of the things i am trying to learn is the actual flow of the waterpaints using the wet on wet approach..i see you have accomplished this tecniquie..i could read all the emotions and feel the beginnings of a thunderstorm heading towards

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